Why PWG?
People Work Group

Our qualified HR staff takes care of the entire recruitment process from scratch, to fully and individually specify the career path of each candidate.

We value meticulousness and accuracy in every action, we focus on the accurate selection of employees for our business partners.

  • We recruit permanent and temporary employees,

  • We conduct consultations with HR departments and help in the selection of the staff,

  • We provide outsourcing of HR functions,

  • We provide personnel profiled individually for each client

  • We run international recruitments

  • Outplacement, Try & hire

  • We provide full personnel and payroll services

  • We take over the duties of employee documents and training


We provide our clients with physical workers as well as highly qualified specialists, carefully selected in terms of the entrusted position. The main advantages of hiring employees:

  • the possibility of applying a minimum employment policy

  • reducing the risk of full-time employee dismissals

  • simple calculation of labor costs based on hourly rates

  • reduction of administrative costs and activities

  • the possibility of hiring an employee on both short and long-term orders

  • qualifying the employment costs of temporary employees as external services and not personnel

Why outsource?

Handing over the management of selected departments, processes to an external company frees departments from bureaucracy and increases the flexibility of the company's operations.

Complex outsourcing solutions for companies

Do you want to give us part of your internal business? You've come to the right place, we're here for you to help you manage the processes you've chosen.

Customer benefits

  • cost optimization,

  • staff management is on our side,

  • reduction of employment level,

  • improving the quality of services,

  • realization of entrusted tasks always on time,

  • freedom in determining remuneration for work,

  • full responsibility for the service,

  • full HR and payroll service

"You have questions for us or you want to know more, write boldly, we are at your disposal."

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